Getting Started

This section will help you to start with using Amandroid.

Start with Source Code

Amandroid is open sourced under Eclipse Public License v1.0 (EPL).

Follow instructions in Tutorial to learn how to start using and contributing to Amandroid.

Start with Executable

Amandroid is a feature in Sireum (a static analysis framework) Command Line Interface (CLI); the instructions below will help you setup.

Download Sireum

Follow instructions in Sireum Strawberry to download and setup Sireum-cli.

Run Amandroid

To run Amandroid, in a terminal command prompt, type:

$ sireum amandroid

After running above command you will get the list of existing Amandroid plugins. You may choose one of them and perform such analysis.

Example commands:

$ sireum amandroid decompile /path/some.apk /outputPath
$ sireum amandroid taintAnalysis -m 8 -o /outputPath /path/some.apk

Test Amandroid

To make sure Amandroid running on your environment, you can execute it on our test apks, which you can find in the /path/Sireum/apps/amandroid/sources/icc-bench folder or ICC-Bench.

The command to run is:

$ sireum amandroid taintAnalysis -m 4 -o /outputPath /path/Sireum/apps/amandroid/sources/icc-bench

More test apks you can find from DroidBench.